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At of the end of the 2012 season, the Snappers announced they will be affiliated with the Oakland Athletics.  

Pohlman Field is nestled in a residential neighborhood and part of the Telfer Park in Beloit.  There is an outdoor ice rink next to the stadium as well as areas for skateboarding, rollerblading, and BMX riding within the park area.  

You can see the neighborhood feel in this photo with the sidewalks and mature trees adorning the roadway.

Here's the stands at Pohlman Field.  Mostly bleachers with some blue bucket seats behind home plate.  There is a netting around all of the seating area except the bleachers which are above the dugouts.  

This lady rang her bell THE ENTIRE GAME.  She needs to be a hockey fan.  It was very, very annoying at a baseball game.  With that said, if I get to be her age and can still make it to a ballpark, I'll be bringing two bells.  I will only ring them for runs and not during the entire game.

Here's the playing field.  Bullpens are at each end of the first and third base line.  You can see the relief pitchers sitting down the third base line awaiting their turn to pitch in this photo.  The scoreboard served its purpose with providing counts on balls, strikes, errors, runs, etc. and has lots of advertisements around it.  The field is in decent condition.  And, there're lots of trees beyond the outfield walls for your viewing pleasure.